UPDATE: WNCAL Resource & Support Center


UPDATE: 07/10/2016
We have our new building. It was the building we've wanted for almost a year. 
WNCAL Office
There's a lot to do to get it ready to hold our resource center, offices and thrift shop. Until we get the building to pay for itself via the income generated from the thrift shop, we will be caring for even more clients there and doing the work on the building. We need your help, the help of the whole community to help us by donating funds for use to get the building ready. It's been closed up a long time and there's many repairs and permits that need to be paid for.
Please consider contributing to the fund specifically for our resource center.

Very soon we're going to be having a work day part there to get the ball rolling.
Follow along in our WNCAL Volunteers group and join in the journey.

2015 was an amazing year. 
2016 is shaping up to be more so.
We have reached our maximum effectiveness threshold operating as we have done for the better part of the past year. We've grown enough, now, to require a space in which we can have our much anticipated Sustenance and Support Center...but we need your help!!
The Sustenance and Support Center will provide a central location for donation, distribution and administration for the community. Of course, we will continue to deliver items needed by those who cannot make their way around. But this location will make it much more efficient for us to get necessary items to where they are needed, instead of two or three volunteers having to make exchanges in order to deliver items, one volunteer can go to the SSC pick up the items to be delivered and be on their way. 
At the SSC we will have a food and necessity pantry as well as a clothes closet and eventually a community kitchen and thrift area. 
At the moment we have access to inventory support for the food pantry so it's super important that we find ourselves with an appropriate location while the access to that support is still available.
You've helped us grow this far and we need your help in taking this next important step. Please donate to help us bring this amazing community asset to fruition. 
If you have other ways to help or ideas to share please contact us and let us know!

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