Quick and Dirty Relief Fund II **CLOSED** goal not met


Hey there, neighbors! We have an ever-giving community member in need right now.

Please let's pull together to help her out. This particular mama has a child in the hospital and this has caused a not-so-shiny set of logistical and financial problems. She needs our help so as to not fall into the way-way back position.

Over the past week while tending to her daughter in the hospital she has had to take time off from her three jobs. These are unpaid days off. So now she is behind to the tune of around $600. That's only 120 $5 donations. If you can give more, please do. We believe that over the next 24 hours of this Quick & Dirty Relief campaign we can raise that $600 and put one mother's mind at ease while she focuses on the wellness of her child. 

Thank you. And please know that this person gives every time she is called upon to do so, and when she's not. <3 remember="" we="" all="" fall="" down="" what="" happens="" when="" re="" is="" essentially="" up="" to="" each="" and="" every="" one="" of="" us="" strong="">

Superhero Neighbors Unite! 

Let's keep this rolling. We've got 24 hours to raise these funds! 

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