Joe Needs a Refrigerator: FULFILLED (Thank you donors!)


UPDATE: So this job is fulfilled. We have a glorious bunch of donors from FB & WAX on FB who gave Joe a refrigerator and he'll have $100 worth of groceries to put into it.  Thanks for taking care of your community, Asheville! 

One of our disabled clients has been living without a proper working refrigerator for some time, too long. At this time we are looking to procure a new or used, in good working condition, refrigerator. If you have a refrigerator to donate for Joe, CLICK HERE
Otherwise, we are accepting donations toward the purchase of a working refrigerator for Joe. 

Food temperatures are important. Keeping foods refrigerated inhibits the growth of bacteria that could make Joe sick. We want Joe to remain healthy and be able to store his food properly. Please help us facilitate that for Joe. 

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