Buy A Sheet of Plywood for Patsy's Floors - FULFILLED- (Thank you donors & Volunteers)


UPDATE: This job is finished and the floors in Patsy's home are now safe! 


We have met our plywood & OSB board(s) goal and some nails have been donated. What is left to purchase for this community job is floor coverings, floor coverings and wheelchair ramp supplies.

One of our elderly clients lives in a very old mobile home in which the floors have rotted away. Earlier this year she fell due to the floors being soft and rotted. Her family has reached out and we have agreed to repair the floors. She is now out of the physical rehab facility and right back in that home. We need to fix those floors so that she does not fall again. 

In order for the volunteers to repair the floors we need:

  • 21 sheets of plywood. -Fulfilled
  • Several boxes of fasteners. - 1 box fulfilled
  • A sheet of OSB board.-2 boards fulfilled
  • Linoleum & low pile carpeting
  • Wheelchair ramp supplies


With your help we can make this home safe for our elderly neighbor. Please buy a sheet of plywood today! 

Volunteers are standing by to do the work, we just need you to help us get the materials. 
However, if you'd like to volunteer, please let us know! 

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