A Safe Home for Evelyn


One of our disabled clients has a mobile home in disrepair to the point of being unsafe. Several people have fallen while on the porch & stair leading into the home. Her home also has a roof leak that needs to be addressed now as the damage from it is already spreading.  We're going to make it safe & dry! The following is the supply list for this job: (see drop down list for specific items)

  • Pressure Treated Lumber
  • Fasteners
  • Concrete
  • Shingles
  • Drip Edge

We have volunteers standing by waiting to complete this community work so that Evelyn can safely get in and out of her home and stay dry inside. 

Please donate today! 

If you have a physical donation of items needed for this project please CLICK HERE to let us know. 

If you'd like to join our volunteers in the community CLICK HERE.

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