Our own list of wishes and needs

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At current WNCAL is without funding appropriate to the needs we fill in the community. Since taking on the veteran referrals we have depleted all of our current resources, but need to continue caring for these clients, and others. Keep in mind that no one in our organization receives a salary and therefore no monies are spent paying actual wages, or mileage for volunteers providing transportation. Once our traditional funding funding has been secured we'll be better able to provide these things listed below for ourselves, in the meantime we’re still working hard, despite the lack of "tools" to take care of those in the community who are without care.

The following is a general non-inclusive list of agency operational needs at present:

Administrative filing fees : $450

General Office supplies: $550 (unless donated)

Administrative use computer: 

Office Space & Storage for Food Pantry & physical donations: $1500/mo (estimate)

Versatile fuel efficient vehicle for reliable transport of clients and donations: $10,000-$15,000 (unless donated)

Gas Cards (for client transport & food/necessity deliveries):

Wintertime items for those in need: coats, socks, space heaters, blankets, general winter apparel

Construction/building supplies (for wheelchair ramps and to make homes safe)

General Tools: (carpentry tools, home repair tools)

Any help that can be given goes toward a greater need. No donation or consideration is too small, or too large. Please consider donating so we can continue to see to the well-being of our community members.

Some things we'd love to do in the community that would require actual help from the community:

Thrift store / Donation station: We'd love to be able to re-sell things that are either purchased or donated expressly for this purpose in order to contribute to our own operations budget. 

Hot Meal distribution / Free Kitchen: No one should be hungry here. The amount of food that is wasted is simply a criminal act against those who have nothing. If we work together we can fix that. 

Home Safe Home: We would love to have a safe place for people to go when they are turned away from everywhere else. No one in need should be turned away for red-tape reasons. There is no humanity in that. Sometimes people only need a safe place to be for a period of hours and others days, or weeks.  There must be a way to work together to see to it that everyone has shelter, no matter who they are. 

For a more in depth description of our plans and aspirations CLICK HERE