Become a Superhero Neighbor

superhero neighbors unite

What kind of volunteer opportunities are there with WNC Advocacy League?

Become a community volunteer!


We need volunteers who can talk with people and find out what their needs are. 

We need volunteers who can take measurements, build things and develop supply lists. 

We need volunteers to coordinate groups of working volunteers in the field. 

We need volunteers to prepare and distribute food. 

We need volunteers who can provide services and assistance at local events. 

We need volunteers to provide follow-up visits to clients. 

We need volunteers to help children learn about stewardship and volunteerism. 

We need volunteers who specialize in public relations and can help us spread the word. 

We need volunteers to recruit more volunteers. 

As you can see there is a job for everyone in the community. 

We'd love to work with you. 

     It's an active group of community members. Here you will find things you can do and other volunteers to talk to. Please introduce yourself and help us make our community a better place.