WNC Advocacy League is currently in a period of reorganization as we transition into a new space and streamline our services. We appreciate your patience during this time.

WNC Advocacy League is a not for profit organization that was founded on the belief that a community should serve itself by caring for its citizens directly.

Our Mission

WNC Advocacy League assists in helping individuals and families make long-term and short-term strategies for thriving in Western North Carolina.

Our Vision

We shall help the community advocate for itself by connecting
any community members in need with neighbors and services
necessary, whether in house or out in the community.

If a community can care for itself properly it can exist harmoniously
outside of the currently broken existing system.


What do we do?
We help the community advocate for itself by connecting community members in need with neighbors and services. We have on staff legal advocates, mental health specialists, geriatric specialists, community liaisons, intake specialists, etc. It could be as simple as seeing to it that someone has transportation to important appointments, or an elders trash is taken out, or something like a person who may lose their home because their taxes are in arrears, or the property is in need of a major rehab. We help find help. We connect neighbors and businesses to each other and the most vulnerable in our community. We work with other agencies as needed to ensure that our community members aren't falling through the cracks, but being looked after and cared for, with compassion.

We distribute food and clothing to those who need help.
We build wheelchair ramps and make homes safe.
We help determine what special services are needed to improve quality of life.

Most of all, we make sure that our community members know that their well-being is important.
We believe every neighbor has the capacity to be a superhero to someone.