End of Year GIving December 28, 2015 09:54

These next few days represent the end of the 2015 giving year for taxes. Please consider WNCAL for your year end giving. We have accomplished so much with so little in 2015.

Be a Spark that supports and encourages community progress!

In the new year we will provide more meals, clothing and necessary support for people in the community having those varied needs.

We will continue to serve as advocates for whomever finds themselves in an overwhelming circumstance, whether they need a voice or a hand to hold.

We will help to facilitate strategies that will bring some from poverty to independence.

We will continue to pair community members as volunteers and community minded businesses to other community members who need support. We believe that encouraging these relationships are instrumental in propagating positive progress.

All of this, and so much more we can be and do with your consideration, as a donor, a volunteer, or both.

On the 30th we look forward to saying a very sentimental, ooshy-squooshy thank you to every person who supported the community through WNCAL this year! It's been quite a ride and we're glad you've shared of yourselves to make this journey great.