WNC Strong October 16, 2015 12:23

WNC Strong Campaign WNCAL

this post originally written and posted on 08-16-2015

Kindness is what connects us together. Our choice is what strength we wish to be in that chain.

In our community we need to be WNC Strong.

Recently we took on a new veteran client. When we arrived to meet him for the first time we found an 88 lb man curled up on a bare bed in a dark room. We had to drive through a trailer park to get to his place. A trailer park! Why is that an important detail? It indicates plainly that this veteran has a slew of neighbors living in very close proximity. What is wrong with us that this can happen and nothing is done until it's too late or nearly too late? This is not okay. This will not stand.

One of our founders tells a story about growing up in New Jersey in the late 70's and early 80's where folks would gather at the homes of people who needed to be cared for just naturally. It was as though it just happened. No one had to ask or plead.
The men were about taking care of things needing to be done or fixed. The kids playing all around, running in and out, and the women tending to the things that needed doing in the household. And somewhere in the house was someone in their bed, being cared for, visited with...loved. Everyone ate together, played together. Of course there was the occasional fistfight, but it didn't take away from the fact that people naturally gravitated toward caring for each other. Being a community.

We are so very far from there now. We can't say for sure how, when or why this has happened, but our entire world is worse off for it.

Our aim is to bring us back there, but in the now. WNC Advocacy League strives to connect community pieces together for the common good. That means bringing people back together, as well as local businesses, agencies & resources and people together. We should be there for each other. We should hold each other accountable as citizens of our communities and neighbors.

WNC Strong is a campaign to raise awareness and funds to facilitate the process of bringing a community-conscience back to Western North Carolina. It is super important that we don't let each other fall through the cracks. It is important that everyone knows their well being is cared for.

WNCAL sees the things that you're currently not seeing. It's not pretty. Open your eyes and hold out your hand, whether to help or receive. Take part, take a stand. DO what needs to be done to create the community you want to live in.

Let's show the world how to be WNC Strong! If we can do this successfully here we can take it to other communities and help them also realize how much better their lives can be when we care about the people who share our cities and towns across the nation and the world.

Ready, set...let's do this!