A Community Makes Homes Safe October 16, 2015 12:12

this post originally made on June 27th, 2015


Recently we had the opportunity to replace some hazardous floors in a mobile home belonging to one of our elderly neighbors. The floors in such disrepair they were the cause of a devastating fall that resulted in a broken hip, then a major surgery and a long recovery and rehabilitation. Now, floors being safe, our neighbor can go about her days healing and enjoying being in her home, at ease. As it should be. 

This was a incredible effort. It wasn't quick. As a matter of fact, from beginning to end, this case ran from March to June. That is less than ideal. But it did get done. ANd now, in the future, we can call on our previous mistakes and lessons learned to ensure that our neighbors aren't left in such dangerous conditions for so very long. We are now familiar with each other, we make a good team. And we now know the process, what is all involved. We know that we can call on our local businesses and neighbors to step forward and give to help. We know that we can feel confident that those we don't reach out to, will ultimately reach out to us and give. They will save the day. This time around Wright's Carpet of Swannanoa helped us with the big finish! They donated all of the floor coverings needed after the new boards were placed. 

Below I'm going to share the photos from the job so you can see what it's like to be a part of something great! 

Volunteer, JC Lang, preparing to remove kitchen floor boards where our client fell numerous times. 

The old living room floor about to come up! 

Volunteers make it all work. 

Volunteer, Kenny, kicking butt and getting the job done! 

And down the hall we can find volunteers, Holly and Amina tearing up the place! For good. :)

One of the bedroom pre-new floor. 

Everyone helps. WNCAL staff putting in new boards. 

JC checking his measurements. 

Determined, we worked on into the evenings. Volutneer, Michael Tabri cut floor boards in near darkness. 

Volunteer, Wonder Woman...I mean C.J. Murphy, powers up and helps out in the utility room! 

Chuck Franklin & Kenny getting those ducts in a row! :)

In the end all new floors and the appliances put back where they go. A job well done by our community. I am so proud of you all!