Summer Lovin' - So Much is Happening June 04, 2016 13:23

Happy Summer, everyone!
We see ourselves moving into another gorgeous summer in western North Carolina. We are beyond thrilled that we're still here, and still growing a year and a half from when we started. Recently we've taken some tremendous growth spurts, and that is a reflection of the beauty within our community.
We are helping more people, mostly because more people are actively caring. Just yesterday at our lovely Volunteer Visit at the Woodfin Riverside Park, we were blessed to have 5 new volunteers join us in this mission of community care!

Melissa Gray of Cakes by Gray fame, has raised $230 for WNCAL's Summer Lovin' Campaign  by auctioning an amazing contemporary Mirror Glaze Cake!

Currently, Felicia Winters is hosting a special fundraiser via her Jamberry Consultancy for WNCAL's Summer Lovin' Capmpaign. Please, if you haven't already, check it out!

Image 420 has graciously made shirts and has been supporting WNCAL with the sale of the Bennyhead Shirts and donating proceeds from the sale of the Not All Of Us: SPECIAL EDITION tees to WNCAL! We are infinitely grateful for their consistent support of equality and of community.

BennyHead Nope

image 420

A little while ago there was a change to the community rules on WAX which prohibits people from Crowdfunding within the community group, after some negative and questionable experiences with GoFundMe's perhaps not being legitimate. Now folks are required to go through an intake and assessment through WNCAL before attempting to fundraise in the group. This has increased the number of people we are able to assist in making positive strategies to negate the need for crowdfunding altogether. But it also has increased the demand of our resources and volunteers. We quickly grew from a few hundred clients to closer to 1000 on the roster  in relatively short period of time. And so our fundraising efforts have had to increase as well.
With this growth we find ourselves no longer able to maintain our current structure of each working member doing so independently from their laptops, from their own living-rooms and cars. We have been actively looking for an opportunity to grow into a space for a while. Recently, with some clever investigative skills one of volunteers was able to track down the owners of a space that is ideal for a base of operations for WNCAL. We have met with the owners and explored the space. We are quite sure it's the right space for us to have our offices, food pantry, resource center and a thrift shop. We will keep you posted as to how this progress develops moving forward! We are so excited. This coming to fruition would improve our efficiency and enable us to help more people in less time while using less resources than before.

In the coming weeks we are meeting with Homeward Bound to see how we can help their veteran clients get their needs met and make their lives better. We are very excited about that!

We've got some really great events coming up. Keep up with events by following us on FaceBook, or by joining the volunteer group on FaceBook. We hope you'll join us!

We're to begin the big demo and rehab of the house for one of our homeless clients and will be needing all different kinds of volunteers to make it happen. We will also need donations of supplies and / or contributions to the Summer Lovin' campaign to see it to it's positive and happy ending. While our client is waiting for her new home to be readied our own lead contractor, Tony Hyers, has allowed her the use of his camper at the homesite. This was a thoughtful and generous detail completely taken care of out of the kindness of his heart.

We have several clients in Mediation & Family Court in multiple counties in WNC right now and really need your support to keep their cases covered by competent counsel. Please consider donating to the Community Legal Fund.

One of our goals is to help families stay together in harmony, and return harmony to those families who have chosen to live separately. Our Co-parenting Mediation and Family Strategy Implementation services have been much with delightful success. We provide strategies and coping tools to family members to keep the family structure solid and productive. Because of this success and popularity we've started offering non-client mediation services for those who do not necessarily need to become full clients of WNCAL, but would benefit from those programs. Those programs are offered on a sliding fee scale to make it accessible to everyone.

We urge you to be active in your neighborhood and community. Whether by doing good works near your home or business or by joining us directly in caring for clients of WNCAL. Or by taking the opportunity to contribute financially, or by donating goods and services.

Don't forget to take part in our Summer Lovin' Campaign and share it with your family and friends!

As always, people make it work.  We thank you for your support.